Bringing the Customer to Life

Identify growth opportunities for your company through a profound understanding of your markets. Fine-tune your value proposition across targeted segments through an actionable marketing segmentation. Secure your organization’s buy-in through relatable persona descriptions of segments!

A carefully developed segmentation drives a company's strategy and success

Segmentation is an elementary market research task which builds the foundation of any company’s marketing strategy. A strong market segmentation provides businesses with lenses to better understand and grasp the heterogeneity of customer needs in their markets and to adjust their marketing mix to the needs of these different segments. It helps to spot growth opportunities through identifying promising, yet unserved segments to target. General cookie-cutter segmentation schemes such as lifestyle segments often fall short of providing value. To unleash the power of segmentations go a step further and develop a solid, customized segmentation solution for your markets.  

Your partner from hypothesis building to implementation

Factworks offers extensive expertise within all steps needed to develop an impactful segmentation. Our experts possess deep domain knowledge of markets and customers, especially when it comes to the technology and financial services sectors.  

As qualitative and quantitative market researchers, we will guide and support you throughout the entire segmentation process from hypothesis development to the final segmentation, assisting you with qualitative persona building and in setting up an implementation roadmap. Every single step is designed to create lasting organizational impact. Therefore, we are equipped with the latest tools and techniques, such as latent class analysis or unsupervised learning algorithms to also identify actionable segments in large customer data sets.

Kristina Schmidtel

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  • Target segments with segment-specific marketing programs
  • Identify growth opportunities for your business
  • Develop actionable personas for targeted segments


  • Qualitative in-depth analysis of customer needs
  • Latent class analyses (Latent GOLD®)
  • Unsupervised learning algorithms
  • Combining behavioral and attitudinal data
  • Ethnographic persona development
Case Study / Segmentation

Local Shopping in the Mobile Era

A social media client wanted to understand the challenges local business owners face when they begin using online marketing tools to promote their local shops.

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