Data Analytics

Make Sense of Big Piles of Data

Leverage data to inform your strategic business decisions. Know which of your customers are at risk of churning but could be kept with an appropriate retention strategy. Find new ways to optimize your cross- and up-selling activities. Be constantly informed about the topics and themes related to your brands and products that consumers talk about!

Data is the new competitive frontier

Companies are generating more and more data about customers and internal processes than ever before. At the same time consumers use search engines, write reviews about their products and service experiences, blog and post about topics that are important to them. The challenge is to leverage these vast amounts of data and transform them into insights – insights that will inform your marketing strategy, help to optimize your business processes and thus will ultimately be a competitive advantage itself.

We help you to lift your data treasure and transform it into competitive advantage

Rely on our data analytics team to extract knowledge from your data. Our text analytics experts will take external data sources like forum entries, online reviews or blog posts and use state-of-the-art techniques to transform it into digestible information for you. Our machine learning and predictive modeling experts are able to analyze your internal client data like customer transactions or behavioral data and draw powerful insights and recommendations from it. Whenever possible we try to link all data sources to be able to tell a cohesive story – it is our firm belief that the combination of traditional market research data with internal and external data can lead to more robust or even completely new insights.

Axel Bichler

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  • Churn prediction and prevention
  • Customer fraud detection and credit risk prediction
  • Behavior-based customer segmentation
  • Marketing-mix optimization


  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modeling
  • Text mining and Text Analytics
Case Study / Data Analytics

Looking into the Future: A Simulator Predicting the Influence of Brand Drivers

A multi-national client from the financial service industry came to us looking for a way to better predict brand drivers that were worth investing in.

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