What Onboarding At Factworks Is Really Like

Curious about what it’s like to work at Factworks? Find out from the latest Factworkers who have joined our team.

As the year kicked off, we had the pleasure of welcoming five new Factworkers to the team, but that was just the start. Since then, another three have joined and even more are on the way, setting 2023 up to be an exciting year at Factworks.

With all these fresh faces filling up our offices (and Google Meets tiles), we think it’s the perfect
time to hear from some of them about their first impressions of Factworks.

What was onboarding like for you?

Ruth: Overall, my onboarding experience was fantastic! From day one, I received all the information I needed to get started and feel comfortable in my new role. The onboarding team provided me with a clear and comprehensive onboarding plan covering everything from company culture and policies to the specific tools and systems I would be using daily.

Stephan: Starting a new job in a new country (during peak German winter, I might add) certainly gave me a dizzying mix of anxiety, excitement and potential frostbite, but from day one I knew I made the right choice. I gradually got introduced to new tasks and more responsibilities without ever really feeling overwhelmed despite having very little knowledge of market research.

Compared to other companies, what stood out to you at Factworks?

Tom: You’re not just 1 of 10,000 employees, you’re treated as an individual. The clients made it clear that the work done here is respected across industries and from the website, interview and reviews, I got a sense of warmth, respect and appreciation for employees that you might miss out on at many other organizations.

Stephan: The people. When I first started, I had the impression that I was entering a very corporate environment–I was mistaken! Everyone is super personable and approachable regardless of where they fit in the organigram and they genuinely seem happy to be here. Many of my colleagues have worked at Factworks for over five years, which speaks for itself.

What would you say to someone who might be interested in joining Factworks?

Stephan: Apply! Seriously, if you’re looking for a supportive work environment where you get to create your own development path in line with the company’s needs, this is the place for you (maybe give me a heads-up first so I can claim the referral bonus).

What would you say to someone new joining Factworks?

Tom: Be confident in what you can offer because there will be plenty of opportunities to work to your strengths, even from early on.

Emre: Be open to learning. You will encounter many different tasks, projects, methods and people. The more you learn from these opportunities, the better. Be open to feedback (both giving and receiving). Factworkers really value open communication and teamwork.

What are your thoughts on your growth path at Factworks?

Tom: At Factworks, you can have a broad start to learn what interests you most. I think there's a lot of opportunity to specialize, and you have the freedom to form your own path in terms of direction, whether it’s in quantitative or qualitative research, client-facing consulting or more internally-focused work.

Ruth: I am confident that by continuing to build upon my existing skill set, as well as seeking out opportunities to learn new ones, identifying areas where I can add value to the company, and proactively taking on new projects and initiatives, will help me build a positive growth path at Factworks.

What does your average day look like now that you’ve started settling in?

Ruth: I arrive relatively early and bring my breakfast to the office where I'm greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from Factworks' frothiest coffee maker. I get started on my work for the day, which typically involves responding to emails, reviewing project timelines, and checking in with team members.

Stephan: Diverse, challenging and exciting. Besides running the social media and content plan at Factworks, I often get to assist on research projects and pretend like I’m just as clever as my researcher colleagues. Sometimes (like today) I even get to play both interviewer and interviewee.

Some facts about our new joiners, they:

  • Are from 6 countries, including India, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, the Netherlands, and the U.S.
  • Speak 9 languages between them
  • Are a mix of quantitative and qualitative research analysts, consultants, and directors, and a content marketing manager

Keen to join our team? Check out our open positions on the career page.


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