Understanding Decisions for Cross-Border P2P Payments

A client from the financial services industry wanted us to determine the ideal price model for transnational peer-to-peer money transactions.

But before making new memories, we deemed it important to remember past ones and so the Factworks team came together for a lively New Year’s Dinner.

We enjoyed a lovely meal and even lovelier chats. But as it is tradition or rather a general demand at every Factworks event, we needed an activity or better yet a competition.

And the organization team delivered!

They presented everyone with a special Factworks trivia quiz with question ranging from How many people are employed at the Berlin office? to How many living plants do we have in the office?. Though there was one particular question everyone seemed to like the most which went something along the lines: Which two employee pictures did we morph into one?*

Between lots of laughs and giggles and some shocked That’s me!?s, we remembered the good times of 2019 and got ready for the even better times of 2020!

*For privacy reason and out of pure goodwill I’ll refrained from including any examples in this post. 😉

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