Understanding Decisions for Cross-Border P2P Payments

A client from the financial services industry wanted us to determine the ideal price model for transnational peer-to-peer money transactions.

It has already been a year since Selina Pietsch, one of our Consultants, took part in and won the Young ESOMAR Society’s YES award.

Back in 2018, she stepped on the stage and convinced the audience with her research on Text Analytics and how social media of all things can help us improve and accelerate coding. She did all of this in only one short minute, but as you already know it didn’t end with just this minute. Selina moved on to be one of three finalists and, in the end, won the award and with it the chance to take the stage once more and tell people about her ideas in detail and good time.

This year, she came back to ESOMAR once more to tell people about the impact her victory had on her and her idea. People were able to learn some tips and tricks that can make or break an idea as Selina shared hands-on advice on how to turn ideas into success stories and transform them into actual value for your company.

“How YES helped bring an idea to life,” is the English title of the presentation she will give at the upcoming ESOMAR Career Day 2019. Here, Selina will share her experiences from the ESOMAR stage to her further research and how her idea evolved from a mere theory into physical results.

There are still spots available so register and join her in Pforzheim on December 5 to her the whole story from Selina herself!


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