Local Shopping in the Mobile Era: New Types of Business Marketers and Shoppers

A social media client wanted to understand the challenges local business owners face when they begin using online marketing tools to promote their local shops.

WIRe champions diversity in the market research industry with their mission to advance the contributions and voice of women in the industry. Together with Keen as Mustard they  the Best Places to Work Award brought to life to honor the organizations which do their best to support their female employees at the workplace.

We are very happy to be among the shortlisted companies considered for the award! We have done a lot in this field and are glad our efforts to push diversity and equality didn't go unnoticed.

Did you know that there are nearly as many women in management positions in Fortune 500 companies as men named John? What sounds like a joke is a sad fact as data from The New York Time's Glass Ceiling Index proves. And that is not all, even though many companies claim that they are highly committed to diversity this hasn't translated into numbers as they remain nearly the same year after year. So, it comes as no surprise that Germany and the USA ranked 21st and 20th regarding the environment of working women in The Economist's latest Class Ceiling index.

However, Factworks commits itself to equal opportunities and wants to captivate its employees no matter which gender. Our goal is to help everyone live up to their full potential and become outstanding market researchers!

And our numbers speak for themselves:
More than 2 in 3 of our team members are female. Our 2 CEO positions are equally shared between a man and woman, and all of our team leading roles are filled by women. Also, we do our best to create attractive conditions for young parents: 40% of our female workers are also mothers with one or more children and taking both male and female employees into consideration, 37% of the team are parents. We provide flexible working hours, work from home options and several more perks to cater to their needs.


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