Communicating via Messengers is the New Normal

The world is getting faster and more connected. Instead of talking on the phone people send an email or even just a message.

The use of messenger apps is on the rise – in 2018, 78% of smartphone users made use of messaging every month. Facebook picked up on this trend and conducted several studies in order to understand just how and why communication is changing towards app messaging.

Messaging makes communicating and staying in touch easier. Additionally, studies show that people nowadays communicate more and that these communications are becoming more visual. 51% of people asked said that messaging replaced other communication forms and many of these texts don’t even include any actual text but are rather a collection of emojis and GIFs. The fact that over billions of pictures are being shared via apps like Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram are clear prove of this.

That messaging increased in private communications might not be surprising, but it also did in a business-related context. Business-Messaging has established itself globally as a communication tool. It offers consumers the opportunity to contact companies directly and receive an answer nearly immediately. Moreover, it brings a more personal and individual component into the communication between customer and company.

Messaging tools symbolize a direct link between client and company. Consumers rely on messaging when they want to learn about recommendations or a brand’s expertise. And also, when they want an optimal shopping experience or want to stay up-to-date regarding things like the location of a package or the gate for their flight. Consumers use messaging with specific expectations in mind, these include associations like effective, time-saving, fast and reliable among others. Most consumers expect to receive a faster answer via messaging than via conventional communication channels. This might explain the rising interest in chat bots. Conversations regarding the matter have increased by 5,6 times in just one year.

Another factor aside from speed is trust. Many people stated that contacting a company via messaging and receiving a personal answer leads to a rise in trust in the brand. This trust and personal involvement through individual interactions between company and consumer ultimately leads to profitable connections.

This might be the reason why many people see potential in business-messaging and even regard it as the modern way of communication.  And taking a look at the statistics shows that this trend is very likely to continue.

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