Back to the Roaring 20s!

This July, loosened Corona guidelines finally made it possible for our Berlin to meet again and enjoy a Berlin summer night together - in true 1920s 'fashion'!

The last year was tiring for all of us. Faced with a global pandemic we largely switched to working from home, keeping us and others save but lacking in-person interactions.

Where this became blatantly obvious was in team events that couldn’t take place or even the casual chit chats which would usually take place in front of the coffee machine. A party which was planned for Factworks’ coming of age last November unfortunately had to be canceled with strict Covid-19 restrictions in place at that time.

But a party was promised and a party there shall be!

That’s why finally, nearly 1.5 years later, we were able to come together as a team once more and celebrate the summer with a thought-out safety concept in place. And funny enough, what has been months, felt like only days since we came together and celebrated the last time. All the chatting and mingling just came naturally and our team spirit, so it showed, has been able to live on and stay strong. This, paired with a great dinner and drinks at Spindler & Klatt and onboard of a boat over the Spree made us enjoy the evening to the fullest and led to a much-needed change in our current daily routines.

Looking forward to more team get-togethers in the upcoming months!


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