A Day in the Life of a Market Research Analyst

Find out what it's like to be a market research analyst at Factworks by giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the day in the life of one of our market research analysts, Yuxuan.

Here, analysts support the project teams by managing, supervising, and partially executing all phases of market research projects, including everything from questionnaire design and translation handling to data processing, the development of actionable recommendations, and so much more.    

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be at the forefront of data-driven decision-making, stick around and read this blog.

Thanks for your time Yuxuan! First off, can you please give us a short introduction?

My name is Yuxuan. I’m from China and I’m 27 years old. I studied Business Administration in Shanghai for my bachelor’s degree and moved to Germany 5 years ago to do my master’s in Leipzig. I joined Factworks over a year ago as an analyst.


So, how did you get into the field of market research?

I specialized in marketing for my studies, and my degree also covered market research, so it was kind of natural for me to work in the same field after I graduated. However, working at Factworks continues to be incredibly exciting for me. The projects we handle here are conducted with a level of professionalism and depth beyond what I learned at universities. Every day, I have the opportunity to learn new things. In addition, at Factworks, I can work directly with corporate clients, which lets me understand their needs and see the impact of my work on their businesses.

Walk me through a typical day as a market research analyst at our company.

I usually start working at 9:30 every morning. Depending on the progress of each project, I sometimes start with some routine work e.g., replying to emails, doing field updates, or setting up tables for analysis. I routinely discuss my tasks with project leads in advance, so I normally have a clear idea of what I should finish by the end of the day or week. 

As an Analyst, I can actually participate in many phases of a market research project, e.g., questionnaire design, survey testing, field management, data analysis, and communication with vendors or clients.

Would you say collaboration plays an important role in your work? 

We always work in teams for a project and sometimes the people you are working with are in other offices like the Indian office, which operates in a different timezone. So effective communication and collaboration are clearly very important in my work.


What skills and qualities do you think are most important for success in your role?

First of all, I think some statistical knowledge and understanding of a market research project is important. Secondly, communication is also very important. If you have a question or a different opinion on something, it is always good to openly communicate. 

One of the main questions on job seekers’ minds is about professional growth in a role.  How do you see the career progression opportunities within our team?

As an analyst, you can already start thinking if you’d like to specialize in methodology and become a data analysis expert, or focus on getting a comprehensive understanding of projects, generating insights from data, communicating with clients, and progressing into project leadership roles. 

Market research analysts play an indispensable role in helping us answer businesses’ most strategic business questions. Whether it's uncovering consumer preferences, identifying market trends, or crafting actionable recommendations, each day brings new challenges and opportunities, and often they get to see the impact of their research on some of the world's most popular apps and tech. 

We hope this interview with Yuxuan has provided you with valuable insights into what the role is all about. If you're considering a career as a market research analyst, we encourage you to apply at Factworks and explore the exciting world of data-driven decision-making with us. 

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