Six Types of Local Marketers

The biggest marketing goal most local business owners want to achieve is rising their brand’s awareness. But how do they do that?

To better understand the goals, measures and challenges of local businesses’ marketing strategies, Facebook together with us conducted an international study. They questioned over 6.000 local business site administrators in 8 markets in North America and Europe. During the study, we took a closer look at businesses’ online presence, what their digital activities focus on and how often they perform these. The results enabled the identification of 6 different marketer types.

If you want to know more or even try to figure out what kind of marketer you are, take a closer look at the different types:

1. The Digital Marketing Hero

Marketing Heroes often show very close ties to their community - be it online or offline. As they are usually active on a variety of sites, they know how to use different opportunities and gain new customers.

2. The Ambitious Grower

This marketer usually operates an online shop parallel to their actual, physical store. They also post all relevant news and updates regarding their products and services online. Ambitious Growers often own a relatively young business and want to strengthen their marketing in order to grow.

3. The Digital Marketing DIY

They usually have customers that don’t shop locally as they offer unique items or have relatively little competition around their area. Organic marketing is their preferred means to spread news and get their customers to come by the store.

4. The Facebook Minimalist

Minimalists are rather focused on their business and on producing high-quality goods, so marketing activities aren’t their first priority. However, they do put important information regarding their business on Facebook and are willing to try out the marketing options it offers.

5. The Traditionalist

As the name implies, this marketer type mostly owns an already established business and focuses on conventional marketing measures such a flyers, localpapers and simple mouth-to-mouth promotion.

6. The Online Rejecter  

Online Rejecters deem social media and digital marketing rather irrelevant for their business in comparison to traditional marketing measures. This is due to the fact that their client base usually consists of affluent customers that rely on their products’ quality or their professional expertise.

If you want to know more about the six marketer types, click here or take part in a quiz which tells you which kind of marketer type you are.


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