2020 - A Year in Review

We can probably all agree on the fact that 2020 was unexpected to say the least and that it will surely be a year for the history books.

Even generations to come will probably talk about it, but the past year also brought pleasant developments, e.g. when looking at what we achieved as a company.  

2020 was a huge milestone for Factworks as we celebrated our 18th anniversary and therefore our coming of age (at least according to German law 😉). What started as a start-up in 2002 in one of our founder’s Berlin living room turned into a market research brand with offices across two continents and more than 60 employees. 18 years, during which we helped blue chip clients gain insights regarding their most complex and strategic business goals, crunched numbers, and spent a lot of time building a great, diverse and interdisciplinary team.

And despite an ongoing global pandemic that led to disruptive change in how we work together, socialize and spend our evenings, we are glad to continue writing Factworks’ success story. In a year of crisis, we were able to grow our team, survey people all over the world, and find ways to maintain our team spirit.

Curious to see what else happened? Then take a look at our “2020 - A Year in Review” infographic!


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