Case Study: Qualitative Research

Exploring the German Market for VR Headsets


Strict Privacy Laws Govern Germany

Amid the anticipation for VR headsets to become the next tech gadgets in households worldwide, Germany stands out as a key market. However, the nation’s robust privacy regulations have created several challenges standing in the way of the widespread adoption of this new technology. 

With these strict regulations as the backdrop, our client wanted to gain insight into how Germans (particularly teens and their parents) perceive and interact with VR technology to assist with their product roadmap.

VR Headset Manufacturer
Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Desk research (literature review)
  • Social listening
    In-depth interviews (IDIs)

Entered the Heart of the German Market

To get to the heart of Germany’s robust privacy regulations, we extensively researched and crafted a white paper detailing the evolution of German privacy laws. This included highlighting philosophical and societal differences between US and German privacy perspectives. Additionally, we utilized social listening to gauge German sentiment toward VR headsets. 

Using these insights as our basis, we held in-home interviews with German couples, families, and developers in three German regions to directly explore their attitudes toward VR headsets. This approach allowed us to observe firsthand how they engage with the technology and its influence on family dynamics.

"The team at Factworks did an excellent job! Their ability to adjust to the changing needs of the project and deliver high-quality insights have helped us influence key strategic decisions. Thank you!"
- Client, UX Researcher AR/VR

Gained a Deep Understanding of the German VR Market

The findings gave our client a deeper understanding of the German market and its unique relationship with VR, allowing them to craft a nuanced go-to-market strategy and product roadmap for VR headsets.