Case Study
Branding & Loyalty

Size markets for Facebook Marketplace in 11 unique markets


Set up an accurate market sizing framework across very different markets

Facebook was looking for a partner to set up a global tracking program for their C2C marketplace -  a platform for selling and buying in the local community that was launched in 2016. In order to measure market size accurately across very different shopping landscapes, they were willing to invest time and efforts to conduct accompanying validation studies in different markets in order to come up with an optimal measuring framework.


Brand Tracking across 11 markets, Cognitive Testing, Panel Validation, Diary Study


A closed loop of studies to get closer to the truth

Since its launch, Facebook marketplace extended their service to include professional sellers (B2C). We wanted to measure market size for both C2C and B2C and thus established two monthly tracking streams for Facebook buyers and sellers. The tracker is continuously complemented by quant and qual validation studies to refine the framework and secure accurate market sizing across all markets. A few examples include:

  • An online diary study was conducted for several months to help discover what the best time frames and scales to measure buying frequency and volume were.
  • We conducted cognitive tests (via telephone) to walk people through the survey, detect improvement areas and find out how to improve the tracker questions.
  • A panel validation test comparing several panel providers was needed to find the ideal panel mix for markets like Thailand and Indonesia where online panels tend to have difficulties sampling representative to the general population.

Further side studies are utilized to further improve the overall framework.

Facebook presented the research at TMRE 2019 in Las Vegas.

Impact: Insights with impact beyond the actual research.

The research program helped the client estimate market potential and get an understanding of buyer and seller segments and their needs. It eventually helped them shaping the marketing strategy for their marketplace.

Beyond this, insights gained from the validation studies were shared as best practice across the client’s research teams to optimize sampling and measuring approaches and define guidelines for future research.